What Do You Need To Know About Heart Scan?

If you're like most people, you don't think much about your heart. But if something goes wrong with it, it can mean a lot of pain and discomfort. That's why it's important to get checked out by a doctor every few years and have a routine heart scan done. In this article, we'll talk about what the heart scan is and what it means for you. 

What is a heart scan?

Heart scans are a type of imaging scan that uses x-rays to create images of the heart. They can be used to diagnose conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and heart failure. A heart scan is also used to determine whether a person has heart problems that may need treatment.

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A heart scan is often done as part of routine health checkups. It can also be done if you have concerns about your health or if you are having pain in your chest. A heart scan usually takes about 30 minutes. 

There are many different types of heart scans, but the most common is an echocardiogram (also called an ECG or electronic cardiogram). This type of scan uses sound waves to image the heart.

Other types of scans include nuclear cardiology scans, which use radiation to image the heart, and cardiac CT scans, which use computerized tomography (CT) technology to create images of the heart.