What Are The Ways To Use MultiPro Tailgate

The six-function MultiPro tailgate is basically two tailgates in one. Precisely, you'll discover the main tailgate and smaller tailgate integrated into the larger unit. 

Therefore, that inner door can be raised or dropped, or adjusted separately from the central unit. As a result, there are six ways to use it, or seven if you count the available audio function. You can also know more about multiPro tailgate via tailgatefix.com/.

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Here we will discuss some ways of using multipro tailgate:

Traditional tailgate

If you want to use the MultiPro as a traditional (main) tailgate, go for it. Here, simply press the button on the top back of the tailgate or use a key ring to lower it down. 

There's also a switch on the Sierra, located just to the left of the hazard warning switch on the eight-switch strip below the HVAC and control seats and above the trailer hitch, USB connection, 12-volt output, and three-gear terminals.

Stop load on the main tailgate

Have you ever brought utensils or plywood sheets that were too long for a large bed? We hear you! The problem with this, of course, is that everything can slip without a safety net. 

Fortunately, the MultiPro tailgate has a built-in load limiter which is part of the inner door inner panel. Just open and flip it and you have extra space to carry.