Top Features to Look for in a Gym Rental Space in Vancouver

If you're looking to start a gym or personal training business, one of the most important components of your success is finding the right space. It needs to be the right size, the right feel, and come in at the right price. You can search online portals like Groundwork Athletics Inc that offer gym space for rent and gym resources to help you succeed in your business. 

gym rental space

However, finding a gym rental space can be easier said than done. Take a moment to read this comprehensive guide to the top qualities and considerations you need to look for in your future business space.

  • Occupancy Capacity

One of the most important factors to consider when finding a new space for your gym is its maximum occupancy. The last thing you want is to have a space you're locked into for several years putting a relatively low ceiling on your income potential.

However, keep in mind that every new business owner has to start somewhere. If that means starting slow for the first few years and establishing a strong client-based before expanding, that may be the best thing for business anyway.

  • Type of Space

Another thing to consider when looking for a gym rental space is the type of building you're investing your time, money, and business in. For example, what kind of gym do you want to own? Do you want a studio gym geared towards one-on-one sessions, a heavy-lifting gym, or a big warehouse space for more of a Crossfit-style gym?

While you can always decorate and customize the space you rent for your gym, the type of space you rent is very important to achieve the feel you want in your gym.

  • Monthly Costs

Next, think about your budget while you're looking at each gym rental space. How much can you comfortably afford each month? As we talked about above, your dream space may not be within your price range right now.

  • Location

Lasting, consider the location of where you want your gym to be. You want to be conveniently placed and easily accessible to potential clients. It can be hard enough to stick to a workout routine, which is only made worse by a gym that's out of the way.

However, you should also be wary about planting your gym too close to any major competitors. While you may get lucky and reel in a few of their rejecting clients, you may also lose some yourself.

Start slowly with a smaller space if necessary and allow your gym to build clientele and credibility. Then, when you're ready and have a bigger budget, you can look into dream buildings.