The Best Oculus Quest 2 Accessories & Why Youll Want Them

Oculus Quest 2 has everything you need in the box to get playing an awesome selection of VR games. Once you’ve owned it for a few weeks though, you’ll probably start to notice the headset’s inherent pain points, which can be solved with a few key aftermarket products. You can also check out here to buy the best Quest 2 silicone cover.

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Here are few best basic accessories you may want to consider as a long-term VR user:

     1.Upgrade Your Head Strap

With onboard computing, sensors, and battery all located inside the Oculus Quest 2, the device is decidedly front-heavy. 

The Elite Battery Strap seems to be the best when it comes to counterbalancing and it also provides around 2 -3 hours of extra playtime thanks to the 4,676 mAh battery integrated into the back.

     2.VR Cover or Spare Facepad

After playing VR games regularly over the next few months, you may start to notice grime and grease buildup on the face pad of your Quest 2. 

The stock face pad is basically a sponge, so to make headset sanitization simple, you should really invest in either a VR cover or an easily cleanable replacement pad.

VR Cover also makes a silicone cover that goes over the stock face pad. It offers a hand-washable medical-grade silicone construction and nose light guard too, which is handy. Whatever you buy, make sure it fits Quest 2 specifically since the headset has a unique face pad design.