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Drying Flowers for Crafts

Although there are some things we wish could last forever or a moment we wish would never end, ultimately they do. The memory of the special event, however, can be preserved for us to recall and enjoy for a long time to come.

Drying flowers is a simple and inexpensive way to preserve these cherished moments. There are multiple ways to use your flowers and preserve them for crafts and decorations. Whether they were a gift, or from a special day they can be made into something to enjoy long after that time has passed.

One way for Wedding Bouquet Preservation and use them in crafts is by hanging them to dry. If you decide to preserve your flowers whole, and intact, you will need to decide this before they have fully bloomed. If a flower has opened up too much when it is dried the petals will fall off.

The brighter and more vivid the fresh flower is, the better color it will have as it dries. If you want more intense colors, be sure to start with that trait in the fresh flower. If the dried flower will be used with its stem, it would be best to wire the stem while the flower is still fresh.

Then attach the flower, upside down, to a wire hanger and leave it in a dark place for two to three weeks. If the dried flowers will be stored a while before use, cover them with a light material, such as tissue paper to keep the dust off.

Flowers preserved in this way can be used for a variety of purposes. For a special event, such as a wedding, some people want to preserve their bouquets.

Fantastic 70th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Wedding anniversaries are nice to celebrate. Some years are more momentous than others – but I think that we can all agree that a 70th wedding anniversary is quite the anniversary celebration. If you are privileged enough to know a couple about to commemorate this anniversary you will know that it can be hard to figure out what kind of gift to get them.

To celebrate 70 years of marriage would be a miracle and a feat. Choose something that celebrates that 70-journey and all the fruit of it.

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Enlist all the descendants (children, grandchildren, great-grandkids, cousins, etc) to submit memories, photographs, drawings, newspaper headlines on scrapbook paper and I would compile a "This Is Your Life" type of memory book for the couple. Also give them a DVD, a retrospective on their life before and throughout their marriage with family members speaking of and to them. A gift like this acknowledges the anniversary couple respectfully.

A great 70th wedding anniversary gift for a couple is a photo or story quilt designed and sewn by a family member. The quilt could represent the highlights of the couple's achievements and memories.

Have a few favorite photos or appliqued symbols to represent them. Using pieces of favorite old and outgrown items of clothing that contain special memories will add a nice personal touch.

All About Blooming Wedding Flowers

Gorgeous blooms in a rainbow of colors make a beautiful trail towards the marriage aisle. Wedding flowers are the background which makes a wedding day special. Each color captures the mood and theme of the wedding and sets off the wedded couple in floral majesty.

Customized wedding flower preservation take days to make and set up according to the happy couple's wishes. There are some wedding flowers that are as they say, a cut above the rest, and give that special style and flair to the happy day. Some are classics, timeless and true, and others are great inspiration that gives a more modern twist to the festivities.

How to Preserve Flowers: 8 Ways to Save Your Wedding Bouquet Zola Expert Wedding Advice

Say you love each other with the classic roses. Roses have been a mainstay of wedding flowers for hundreds of years. These beautiful blooms have a timeless elegance that set off any wedded occasion. They come in a myriad of colors to a light blush of peach, to bright sunshine yellows; there are even blooms that are a true blue!

This of course is the result of placing the originally white flowers in water with a few drops of food coloring which dyes the petals into a hue reflecting the sky or the bright ocean, or even the blue of the bride's eyes. There are however the rare flowers, genetically altered, to give the rose an actual blue cast. These are extremely expensive but would make a surprising bouquet or boutonniere for the groom.

Modern plants and flowers have recently made the spotlight in bright beach weddings and other non traditional sites. Wedding flowers aren't limited to a select palette of the old mainstays anymore. Palm fronds, tiny pumpkins, oak leaves, and even citrus fruits have made unique statements in beds of wedding flowers.