Things To Consider Before Deciding On A Pool Enclosure

Choosing the perfect pool enclosure for your home is easy with a little thought and research. Here are some tips to make the pool enclosure selection processes a breeze.

  1. Examine the area – Take a look at the area you want to enclose and consider how it may affect your current space. For example, plants and yard decorations may have to be relocated or removed. Or, you may have the option to add new landscaping. This will also give you an idea of what type of pool enclosures could work well in your space.

  1. Maintain your beautiful view – Worried about a pool enclosure getting in the way of your spectacular view? Frame the beauty of your backyard with a beautiful enclosure. 

  2. Look for quality materials for framing, screen, and roof- Not all pool enclosures are created equal. We use non-corrosive heavy-duty aluminum in our frames for structural integrity. We also use internal anchors and hardware for a seamless look. Our fasteners are made using anti-corrosive materials to withstand the humidity and salt of the Florida coast.

  3. Be prepared for a little bit of maintenance – Doing a regular inspection of screens and fasteners will help keep your enclosure in tip-top shape. Should you ever have issues with your enclosure, Pool Enclosures has experienced service technicians on staff that are ready to assist. We also offer a full 1-year limited warranty to ensure there aren’t any manufacturing defects or installation issues.

Things To Keep In Mind When Closing A Backyard Pool For The Winter In Florida

A swimming pool can be one of the greatest assets of a home. It can also bring the homeowner and their families the most enjoyable moments. Swimming pools can bring great enjoyment and value to a house, but they are also expensive to maintain. 

It is important to ensure that your swimming pool is well maintained. This is especially true if you are closing a backyard pool during winter. Automatic swimming pool enclosures are the best option to protect your pool.

It is important to maintain your filtering equipment throughout the year. However, maintenance is particularly important in winter. If you don’t take precautions against winter elements, there are many problems that can occur. 

These include cracking of the lining or a breakdown in the filtering equipment. These potential problems can be minimized by following simple maintenance procedures.

It is a bad idea to drain the pool. This is due to two reasons. The first is that removing water can lead to the loss of moisture and cracking in concrete and liner. While partial draining is acceptable, it can help with the second reason. The filtration system will continue to function if it is not being used. This will prevent any mechanical problems from occurring.

Even though the pool won’t be used during winter, it is vital to ensure that it remains clean and free from debris. A cover can help, but automatic pool cleaners are also important. The water will be free of bacteria and algae that could develop.