The Challenges Facing Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

One of the keys to success when starting a new business is to stand out in the market. That means careful planning and disciplined execution. A well-designed IMC program is an essential tool in the pursuit of success. All small businesses and start-ups are not created equal. In fact, the diversity of species is quite large. Here are some common types:

1. Small family business, e.g. cleaning, restaurants, specialist shops — e.g. photo studio — or a one-stop shop designed to provide income for the family. You can also look for the best new venture challenge via

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2. Establish a business with the aim of growing, either through increased product sales, multiple locations, or a franchise agreement.

3. Business formations such as and wireless telephone services and Internet access offered by long distance operators.

4. Groups of doctors, dentists or other professionals working together.

Entrepreneurship usually means starting a business with a clear goal of getting bigger through an aggressive growth program. Entrepreneurship is a spin-off or start of a company. A small business is a family business or professional consortium formed with a specific purpose. In most cases, aggressive growth is not as important as giving owners the income they deserve.

What all forms of start-ups and business start-ups have in common is that they are not well known in the market. This is the biggest challenge for any new business.