Requirements For an ISO 27001 Accreditation

ISO 27001 is part of the Information Security Management System standard which was originally published in October 2005. The standard regulates information security and places it under explicit management control. This requires management to systematically assess its security risks, including all security vulnerabilities and issues. They must also design and implement controls that remediate any vulnerabilities identified as unacceptable and implement a management system that ensures all security controls meet the needs of the organization over time.

To be certified according to ISO 27001, an information security management system must meet various requirements. Meeting ISO 27001 national variant accreditation requirements are equivalent to meeting ISO 27001 certification  ( Which is also known as iso 27001 sertifisering in the Swedish language) requirements.

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In addition, organizations that meet ISO 27002 certification requirements are more likely to meet ISO 27001 requirements, although some elements of the Control system may be missing. There is a three-stage audit process that all information security management systems must go through before accreditation is granted.

The first stage of accreditation is the initial review of the information security management system. This unofficial check collects information about the security status of the system. The auditor reviews all information security policies, risk management plans, and other documents related to information security and how they are managed. The main objective of this phase is to familiarize the auditor with the organization's policies and the organization with the audit process.