Know the Different Types of Stained Glass

There are many types of stained glass available. You can also choose from a wide range of colors, transparency, and textures. Coatings and ease-of-cut are also important factors in choosing a coating.

Glass coatings

Glass coatings can add an extra design element. There are many types of cladding available, including iridescent, metallic, mirrored, and matte. A metallic sheen is used to create a rainbow effect in the iridescent glass. You can browse online if you want to buy COE90 Iridescent.

The more distinct the rainbow effect, the darker the sheet. The look and feel of your artwork can be changed by adding coatings. It is amazing the impact that siding accents can have on artwork.

Bullseye Glass Amethyst Transparent, Rainbow Iridescent, Double-rolled, 3mm COE90


The number of glass colors is constantly changing. There are many options for colors. There are many shades to choose from: blues and greens; yellows and purples; reds and pinks; browns; grays; blacks; whites and more.


The amount of light transmitted through it is known as its density or transparency. You can choose to be transparent, semitransparent, opaque, or somewhere in between. Your choice of density will depend on how much light you want to reflect onto your piece.


Glass can be textured, even though most of it is smooth. You can choose from subtle or dramatic textures. Cutting is more difficult if the texture is more complex.

Textured: One side is more texture than the other. The smoothest side should be cut. You can choose from rough laminate, granite, cracked and water glass (trademark Spectrum). Your artwork will have more movement and dimension if you use a variety of textures.