Why Drug Testing for Employees is Important

The Drug-Free Work Act does not specifically require "drug testing" for employees. Some states and local governments even have laws that limit or prohibit workplace testing.

However, most private employers are given the right to test employees for various substances. It is important for employers to be aware of the state regulations that may apply to their organization before developing a drug-testing program. You can also check out here to get more information about drug testing.

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There are several reasons that would compel employers to test applicants and current employees drug testing:

1. Prevent employees from abusing drugs and alcohol

2. Prevent hiring people who consume illegal substances

3. Detecting alcohol and drug problems in a person early on

4. Improve workplace safety by protecting people from coworkers who abuse substances

5. Promote public safety because consumers or customers in the workplace can have confidence in the services received

Most tests use a person's hair, blood, or urine to identify drugs or alcohol. Urinalysis is the most preferred method by workers and employers also like it; This is the cheapest drug test. However, the accuracy of such a test is not nearly 100%. Not all illegal drugs can be tested this way.

If the employee gives a positive drug test result, he or she can be fired or fined. However, if the employee deems the test to be false, he or she could be charged with libel on drug charges. As long as the workplace invests in accurate and reliable drug testing and ensures that employees are allowed to be tested, this should not be a problem.