Reasons Why Bamboo Toilet Paper Would Be Good

There you sit in the public restroom of a department store and see two toilet paper options to choose from. One is ancient hardwood toilet paper and the other is certified eco-friendly bamboo toilet paper. With so little, you know about both types of toilet paper, which one will you choose? If you choose bamboo, this is great for you. You can easily buy environment friendly toilet paper bamboo & recycled via Sheet Glory.

1. Prevent deforestation.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, people use 27,000 trees every day to make toilet paper. With so many trees being cut down to make something as short-lived as toilet paper, why not consider alternative sources like bamboo, which grows almost as fast as it is cut, as it is technically a grass, not hardwood.

Bamboo is a relatively new fibre in this part of the world and believes it has significant future opportunities. It is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world and produces significantly more fibre in less space than trees traditionally used to make tissue paper.

2. Reduce paper consumption.

Using bamboo as a soft alternative on the floor will significantly reduce hardwood paper consumption. Bamboo is being hailed as a new super material, with uses ranging from textiles to construction. It also has the potential to absorb massive amounts of carbon dioxide, the biggest greenhouse gas, and give money to some of the world's poorest people. 

3. Stronger, cooler, softer.

The natural properties of bamboo make it naturally stronger than hardwood and as strong as structural steel. It also feels cooler and softer, which is definitely an advantage when working with toilet paper.