Times when Asbestos is Considered to be Dangerous

Newcastle asbestos

For asbestos, the nose is probably the easiest portal of entry inside our body. After getting inside through the nose, the lungs are where this material starts to get deposited and accumulated. This leads to severe health issues causing mild to severe infections. Here are the 2 most common diseases that is caused by asbestos in us.

  1. Lung Cancer – In the early days, the biggest source of lung cancer was smoking. However, lung cancer is not the only reason in today’s time. Asbestos as a harmless-looking material is another source of causing lung cancer. Due to this reason, this is a problem for employees working in manufacturing, milling, and mining industries as they are easily exposed to asbestos. Symptoms like difficulty in breathing, chest pains are caused by asbestos.
  2. Asbestosis – This is a disease that is closely related to respiration or breathing. Asbestosis is non-cancerous but that doesn’t mean you should take it lightly. You shouldn’t take it lightly as this disease causes serious pain especially at the time of breathing causing crackling sounds. Plus, no medicines are available to cure this disease. Therefore, visiting the doctor is probably the best thing to do.

Asbestos causes these 2 severe diseases making it crucial to take care of the health. If you feel like being exposed to asbestos, then you should never take it lightly. Finally, you should consider getting rid of asbestos in Newcastle from a professional asbestos removal contractor as soon as possible.