Preserve Wedding Bouquet – Tips To Preserve Your Bouquet

Weddings are not complete without a bridal bouquet, and every bride considers her bouquet extremely special and wants to keep it as a wedding souvenir. The companies that preserve flowers are flourishing thanks to the same concept of saving wedding bouquets.

If you're considering the idea of preserving your wedding flowers, you have to talk to the florist preservationist before. There are businesses that provide tips for preserving the bouquet before they take it and prepare it for processing. You can also hire an agency for preserving wedding bouquet.

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There are some preservation firms that offer re-hydration spray to seal and preserve the moisture so that the flowers do not get lost in the process of sending it to the preservers of flowers. 

A majority of them follow the technique of vacuum freeze-drying. It is regarded as the best. This method maintains the natural beauty and look of the flowers and is considered a durable preservation technique.

But, prior to the freeze-drying method being completed, the flowers are rehydrated by using the spray for rehydration to ensure the moisture is held and the flowers don't appear wilted.

After the rehydration treatment, The flowers receive treatments to keep their natural color, and also to open the cell walls of the flowers to ensure that water is evenly removed from the flowers to give the flowers a uniform color. The flowers are then frozen prior to freeze-drying.

The length of time you can keep flowers in dryers is determined by a number of factors, like the varieties of flowers in a bouquet, the number of petals used, as well as the size of the flowers. 

But, generally, the flowers are stored in dryers for around 10 to 15 days before being removed to be placed in controlled low-humidity conditions for another three days.