Requirement for Amazon Seller Account

To create an Amazon seller account need to check out these details before registration. The information required is like:-

  • Contact information- this includes legal business name, address, and phone number.
  • Email address- creates a designated email account for business. With this, you will frequently receive important emails from Amazon.
  • Credit card information- for which you need a credit card with a valid billing address. With an invalid card, Amazon will cancel the registration. For those who don't have a credit card, the debit card will also work.
  • Contact details- for this you need to keep your phone close during the registration process for verification purposes.
  • Banking information- it's a must for which you will need to provide Amazon with bank details and routine account updates to set up direct deposit.
  • Information relating to tax identity- its Amazon which is required by the IRS to collect and report tax information. It's necessary that you must either the company's federal tax ID number or your social security number to register.

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Other than that, one can also create an Amazon seller account free without thinking of any issues. For this purpose, the user needs to set the Amazon seller central account login. So it's just that you keep these tips into account.

  • Maintain personal and business emails separately and consider using separate emails for business.
  • If your business emails don't exist, then create one through Gmail before you log into seller central.
  • Keep in mind that every seller central account that you open needs a unique email.

It's easy to create an Amazon seller account as well as create an Amazon seller account free. Just you need to follow up on the registration process.