Digital Art and Abstract Art Prints

Gone are the days when an artist had to rely on a brush and canvas to create a painting. The advancement in computer technology has given artists the freedom and ability to create paintings with a computer mouse or graphic tablet. Unlike regular paints and palettes which can be quite messy, digital art can be created in a neat and tidy manner since the whole painting process takes place inside the computer.

Since digital art exists inside the computer, the original painting exists only in virtual space. It can be printed on a high-quality printer to create an art print. In fact, digital art can only be created as art prints, since the original exists as bits and bytes stored on the computer's hard drive. Every art print would be completely identical as long as the same printing process and inks are used.

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A number of computer-savvy artists have emerged who create all their paintings as digital art. There are excellent computer software packages that offer artists the ability to create life-like paintings as well as abstract art.

Artists can create whichever kind of art that they are skilled in. Sometimes, artists who create their paintings using the regular paint and canvas method also create some of their paintings as digital art. Some have even completely made a transition into the digital realm.

Paintings can be broadly classified into two categories – realistic and abstract art, at least from a layman's perspective. While almost everyone can relate to realistic and impressionist types of art, abstract art is something that only connoisseurs of that style of art can really appreciate.