Successful Custom Picture Framing

The goal of custom framing is to select the ideal molding, frosting, and glass to create the frame that best enhances and maintains your artwork, turning it into a truly unique piece. Decorating your walls with paintings and photos will add visual interest to the room.

Photo frames include three main components that are essential for the preservation and display of your artwork. First, choose a frame that best showcases your artwork or photo. For more details about custom photo collages, you can check it here.

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The purpose of a photo frame is to show what's inside. A good print will enhance and complement your artwork, not diminish it.

The second step of individual frames is pass-partout selection. Passe-partout adds a border to your artwork inside a photo frame. As a general rule, the rug should be lighter than the art but darker than the walls.

In addition to colors, matte cardstock is available in a variety of options including paper, linen, textured, and acid-free. Which passe-partout is right for your artwork depends on what's actually framed.

The final big step in individual design is the selection of glass or Plexiglas. This decision is largely based on the size of the work, archive requirements, and where it will be displayed.

Custom framing of your favorite painting or photo is an easy way to turn a painting into a work of art that you will love to hang in your home.