Some Questions to Qualify Your Dentist For Dental Implant Surgery

General dentists are often performing the surgical placement of dental implants without any training or knowledge. This is due in part to the down economy, and to the encouragement of dental implant companies that sponsor weekend courses. 

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Many dentists offer discounts on dental implant fees for patients who come to their offices. Patients are paying the price for poor dental implant placement, nerve damage, complications, and other failures. 

Some Questions will help you make informed decisions about your treatment:

1. Be clear about your specialization. If they say they have been trained in implant surgery, they should be careful. Only periodontists and oral surgeons are allowed to receive formal training in implant surgery. 

2. How extensive is your training in implant surgery? Find out about completed residencies and the names of the courses. Also, find out when they were completed, their durations, and sponsors. Check these courses to verify that they are approved or supported by professional organizations. 

3. How many dental implants do you have? Every year, a specialist or skilled surgeon places hundreds of implants. These procedures are performed day in and day out. If they have only placed a few implants within the last few months or years, it is worth asking about their qualifications!

4. Are you a team member of any specialists? A dentist may place dental implants but they often work with specialists in the area. Ask them what the difference is between their skill sets and those of specialists.

5. Ask for testimonials from other patients. Ask your dentist to speak with at least three people who have had dental implant treatments. Look online for a dentist to see reviews.