Reasons Why You Need a Dental Bridge to Fill Gaps on Missing Teeth

Caring for your mouth health is as important as your physical health. When talking about oral health, teeth are the most important part of it. Teeth play an important role in many daily functions needed, such as eating and talking. In addition, having a beautiful set of teeth also makes your smile and overall personality more interesting. Therefore, take care of good teeth is needed to prevent oral disease or dental problems. You can hire the best dentist for dental bridge treatment via

Bridge teeth are dental restoration techniques with usually two important components: gear replacement and dental crown. The dental crown is installed on both sides of the replacement teeth in this procedure, replacement teeth are placed at the lost tooth point, and the dental crown is set on adjacent natural teeth or dental implants. 

Dental bridges come in three main types.

1.Traditional Bridge: This type of bridge consists of porcelain or ceramic. The procedure instills this type of bridge is the same as the usual method that has been described above. Bridge tradition is the most widely used bridge type.

2.Cantilever Bridge: This type of bridge is only used in cases when there are no teeth on both sides of the missing teeth.

3.Maryland bonded bridge: This type of bridge is often used when one or more front teeth are lost. This type involves a metal framework for supporting plastic teeth with two metal wings on both sides. This metal wing is then attached to the neighbor's natural teeth.