Reasons to Buy a Gas Mask

If you are like me you may have seen many doomsday preparations shows on TV and have seen many people with gas and biological filtration devices. I have been asked by a couple of visitors if it’s something you really need in your survival kit.

Answering that question really depends on what gas masks are used for. If you are in emergency situations where chemical or biological weapons are used then having a gas mask would really be the difference between life and death. If on the other hand there is the swine flu, bird flu or another pandemic, nose and mouth air filter will probably work better.

Gas masks are not really the items you will be able to wear all the time. This is for short term use in emergency situations. Many don’t have any way to drink in them and aren’t exactly the most comfortable survival items that you will wear. The paper filter masks can be worn with regularity and not be nearly as cumbersome as a gas mask.

So with that said should you have a gas mask in your survival gear kit? Remember as a prepper you need to think about being prepared for many different situations. You will most likely never be able to have all of your bases covered but the more you have covered the more you will be prepared. Learning about emergency survival is the best way to start. The more educated you are on what it would take to survive any emergency whether it be a hurricane, nuclear disaster, widespread electrical disruption or just a local emergency, the better off you and your family will be.