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Bitcoin paved the way with its cryptographically stored ledger, scarce-asset model, and peer-to-peer technology. Decentralized applications development features provide a starting point for building a new type of software called decentralized applications. Dapps are just now gaining media coverage.

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They are more flexible, transparent, distributed, resilient, and have a better-incentivized structure than current software models. This is the first book that will help you to understand them and create your own.

Most people are familiar with the term “application” as it pertains to software.

A software application is a software that defines a specific goal. There are millions of software applications currently in use, and the vast majority of web software applications follow a centralized server-client model. Some are distributed, and a select few novel ones are decentralized.

Centralized systems are currently the most widespread model for software applications. Centralized systems directly control the operation of the individual units and the flow of information from a single center.

All individuals are directly dependent on the central power to send and receive information and to be commanded.