Introduction to Jon Boats Perfect Fishing and Hunting Boats

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Jon boats are versatile, portable, and durable. Typically used on freshwater lakes, Jon boats cost way less than others and can easily fit your boating budget. Besides, you can also use a Jon boat for boating or fishing on ponds, rivers, swamps, and inland waterways. Small trolling motors and outboards allow them to perform well in shallow waters. Here’s a quick overview of Jon boats and what makes them special.

An Overview to Jon Boats

Be it saltwater or freshwater, fishing in shallow waters is quite common across countries and coasts. And that’s where boats suitable for shallow waters, Jon boats, are popular. Jon boats are made for shallow water boating with flat bottoms and specifically designed hulls.

Created specifically for the freshwater environment, Jon boats are also a good choice for brackish water and saltwater marshes. However, their flat bottoms make them ride over the waves, unlike other hulls that cut through the water. That’s why it isn’t recommended to travel in heavy seas or open ocean environments with significant waves using Jon boats.

On the contrary, the flat bottom design also offers certain benefits over other hull designs. The extremely shallow draft of Jon boats allows for extra stable boating on calm waters. While boats with v-hull designs rock back and forth, aluminium boats with a flat bottom don’t do that. The flat bottom also gives them a broad bow area that helps cast and angle better in tight spots.

So, if you are planning to go boating or fishing on shallow waters, consider buying a boat with a flat bottom from reputed aluminium boat manufacturers in Australia.