Interesting Printer Hacks You Should be Aware of

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Printers are known to be an interesting electronic gadget loved by many investors. Thanks to a printer we are able to print out important documents and notes that are official and personal. In fact, companies are always coming up with ways to introduce new versions of printers for users. However, printers have its own set of hacks to which owners are not aware of. These are some of those hacks you should be aware of.

  1. Squeeze the Cartridge of the Ink – As soon as you see the low ink warning light, it is an indication for changing a new ink cartridge. But immediate replacement of the ink cartridge isn’t necessary as you will still be able to use it until the print quality completely diminishes.
  2. Use Economy Mode to your Advantage – Economy mode is familiar in new printer models. At the time when you don’t need detailed print, then consider using this mode. It also helps you to save on the ink cartridge.
  3. Squeeze the Cartridge with Using a Hairdryer – You may experience printing getting diminished in the middle of printing documents. In such instances, remove the cartridge and then use the hairdryer for melting any dried ink which can be used for emergency situations.
  4. Use the Feature such as the Energy Saving – Energy saving features are a great way that protects the environment along with save more on energy. You can learn on this feature by reading the manual that comes with the printer.

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