How To Use Therapeutic Essential Oils?

Therapeutic essential oils are becoming increasingly popular as natural remedies for a variety of ailments. If you also want a safe and convenient way to purchase therapeutic essential oils to experience the benefits of essential oils, visit Whether you’re new to using essential oils or have been using them for years, there are a few tips to keep in mind when using them therapeutically.



When choosing essential oils, it’s important to first determine the type of oil you need. A few popular types of therapeutic essential oils include lavender, peppermint, tea tree, and cedarwood. Once you know the oil you need, it is important to select a base to mix with the oil. Carrier oils can be used topically, ingested, or diffused. Some popular carrier oils include jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, and olive oil.

Once you have selected your carrier oil and essential oil, it is time to start diluting the oil. A common ratio for therapeutic use is 1-5 drops of essential oil to 1 tablespoon of carrier oil. To add warmth and support during treatment, it is also helpful to add a few drops of frankincense or lavender oil as well.

Now that you know how to dilute and use therapeutic essential oils, it is time to start treating yourself or your loved ones and to reduce stress levels or promote better sleep by using therapeutic essential oils.