Filter & Sort – Improving eCommerce Product Findability

A website is essential in today's online business environment, where customers are more likely to research products/services on the internet. 

A website's success depends on many factors, including its aesthetics, functionality, usability, and other aspects. We have covered the most important things to consider when designing a website.

Your website's purpose should be clearly defined. It is important to decide whether your website will be selling products/services, providing information about various topics, or if you just want a website for your business. 

A website that serves your customers well will be easier to design. Every website should have a good design and layout. You can have a peek here to create a web page's aesthetic appeal in keeping visitors.

The website's appearance is what first strikes a visitor. Your web design should be simple and use balanced colors. Use light and dark colors sparingly.

The website's usability plays an important role in attracting visitors. People will quickly leave a website that is not easy to use. The home page is crucial as this is where visitors learn more about the company and what they can do. 

Visitors should have an easy way to navigate to the inside pages. This will make it easier for them to return to the site with fewer clicks. You can make it easier for visitors by providing tools such as a search tab, product filters, and systematic navigation.