Different Kinds of Tree Services

Most people think that tree services offer only one service and that is to keep your tree well cared for or clean by trimming the leaves to your desired shape. What they don’t know is that this type of service can be divided into other categories.

Here are the different types of wood services:


Landscaping is all about creating beautiful nature from your trees and gardens. A service provider can help you plan a landscape that suits your tree and make any necessary repairs. While this is not as common as other services, it is still considered a part of it. If you are looking for quality tree services, visit https://bctreeservice.ca/.

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Tree RemovalĀ 

Removing a tree is another service that pulls trees from your yard for a variety of reasons. Your tree could die or cause a lot of trouble to the public and therefore need to be uprooted.

Branch Removal

Removing branches, also known as pruning, is the process of withdrawing dead or unwanted branches. This is often done to avoid accidents with fallen branches and to keep the tree growing strong.

Pest Control

There are instances where certain insects will take over your trees and cause them to die. Tree service providers also offer pest control, which starts with identifying which insect or pest is causing the problem and taking immediate action before serious damage is done to your tree.

Therefore, it is recommended to hire expert tree services in your area to protect your garden.