Current Trends in Music Marketing

I can remember during the late 1980s when I set up a pa system in a cupboard and placed a cassette walkman on a coffee table plugged into the pa, when you pressed play this incredible sound would blast from within the cupboard. This was most impressive but today one can walk around with one’s entire music collection in their pocket.

One vital thing to remember when considering music marketing is that the business is constantly evolving, nothing stays the same and with every trend, there are a number of solutions. For today’s artists, there are more possibilities than ever to get heard. Music marketing is now in the hands of the artist and not just the all-powerful record companies. You can get useful information about music marketing and promotion via

The way that people can find new music has been revolutionized and the power has gone back to the people. We no longer have to listen to the few bands and acts that the majors are promoting, there are so many new places to discover music that there is not enough time in the world for any one person to hear them all. With new digital formats and ways that music is delivered never before has been so easy for a new unknown band to get heard if marketed correctly.

Bear in mind that an amazing act with poor marketing will not get very far but a poor act with amazing marketing will go much further. The main ways for an artist to promote themselves today are through social networking sites, the main one for music is then Facebook and

There also online radio stations, podcasts and blogging. An artist can also sign up at indie sites that will host there music and deliver product digitally to outlets. One such site that hosts an array of useful resources is Online marketing can be very low cost all you need is time to do it. It is very important to be persistent with high quality imagery and well written content because there is so much competition.