Building commissioning And HVAC Certification

Building commissioning is the process of ensuring that all HVAC systems in the building are working properly for a year of verification and documentation. Any large commercial HVAC system will need proper commissioning to ensure all systems are safe, working properly, and will pass HVAC certification standards. 

Systems must work interactively with the owners according to the original design and intent to get this certification. Different jobs may have different levels of commissioning. Originally, the commissioning process was just making sure the building matched the original engineering specifications. To learn more about building commissioning visit

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Today,  HVAC systems are often trying to achieve green building standards. Proper design and implementation can now save money as builders are trying to obtain tax breaks and increased sales through Green recognition. 

Not only in areas of efficiency, building commissioning is now holding contractors to a higher standard in electrical, health and safety systems, as well as overall building structural integrity. Commissioning is now involved in every aspect of the construction process, from design to training the operators of building systems. 

For green cities, heating repair is not all that hard to accomplish and maintain standards. Those without HVAC contractors aware of green standards will have a harder time trying to commission a green building.

This is called total building commissioning. Obviously this adds cost to the project, but it also adds value to the property and may save money over time. The owner of a project will assign various responsibilities to the commissioning team based on trust and the difficulty of the project. The team may work with the HVAC contractor or with the owner.