All About Steel Modular Buildings

Steel modular buildings are prefabricated sectional buildings that are made up of multiple sections or modules that are manufactured at a remote facility and then delivered to the location where they are intended to be used. The prefabricated steel building frame components are then put together to construct the building using either trucks or cranes.

These types of modular constructions are very different from mobile homes. Modular buildings differ from mobile homes mainly because of the absence of axles or a frame, which means they are typically transported to their site of construction by means of flatbed trucks.

Some modular buildings are built on a steel frame, and this can be used for transportation to the site. Modular homes can be multi-level, and these may be set in place with the use of a crane. This type of construction has a wide variety of applications. Modular buildings can be used for temporary or permanent facilities.

Some of these facilities may include:

  • Schools & classrooms
  • Civilian & military needs
  •  Industrial facilities

Prefabricated modular steel buildings offer ideal solutions for construction in rural and remote areas, where conventional construction may not be reasonable or even possible. Other uses for modular buildings may include:

  • Churches
  • Health care facilities
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Sales & retail offices
  •  Cruise ship construction

Most modular components are constructed indoors on the factory floor, and this process is carried out like any industrial assembly line. The modules are moved from one station to the next, with inspectors on-site to supervise and ensure all procedures are being carried out correctly.