All About About Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign treatment is a great way to straighten teeth without the discomfort or problems of traditional metal brackets. Invisalign treatment usually lasts one year for most adults, although the timing will vary from person to person. 

How long Invisalign surgery will take to fill the blanks – Correcting minor negligence takes at least two months. The problem with fissures is that they tend to re-form if proper retention techniques are not used. Therefore, Invisalign recommends fixatives to fill the gaps after treatment.

All About About Invisalign Treatment

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Invisalign treatment takes time to straighten teeth compared to traditional braces – Invisalign straightening takes twelve months, whereas traditional metal braces take an average of two years to straighten your teeth. 

Conventional braces pose problems because they are attached directly to the teeth. The Invisalign alignment cup is detachable, which means it can be easily removed for feeding, brushing, public speaking, etc. However, to get the full effect of the straightening pads, you must wear them for at least twenty-two hours a day. 

Since traditional brackets need to be fastened every three weeks, your Invisalign alignment bowl will need to be replaced even after two weeks. So, the number of visits to your orthodontist is roughly the same. 

The alignment glass doesn't break easily, but it can break if you're not careful. However, it is very common when the wire clicks on a set of metal clips or the clips fall off, which can prolong the healing process.